Psalm 50 Prayer

Lord, Almighty God, You call to the whole earth. Lord, we desire an outpouring of Your Spirit, from the east to the west. Let Your fire fall fresh on us. Our God You are coming, we want to be ready.

Gather Your faithful people. We make a covenant with You by offering the sacrifice of obedience. Let us be obedient to Your written Word and to the promptings of Your Spirit.

The heavens proclaim, and we in agreement with them, You alone are righteous. You alone are good. You alone are worth of our praise. We give thanks as the sacrifice that honors You,

Open our ears to listen as You speak; You are our God. You do not need anything from us, yet You let us be part of Your plan anyway. You bless us with the ability to serve You and each other. Let us do it with a willing heart and pure motives. Let our actions further Your Kingdom and bring You glory.

Let our giving of thanks be a pleasing sacrifice to You. We thank you for all Your promises. We call to You when trouble comes knowing You will rescue us. Thank You for salvation. We thank You for being our Savior, defender, protector, and friend.

Lord, correct us when we walk from You. Keep us from deception. Help us to be an influence to the world around us, and not be led astray by the world’s influence. Keep our words pure and let us speak the truth in love. Keep us from judging others but let us remove the sin from our own lives. Guard our hearts and minds and keep us in line with Your will.

Prayer adapted from ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭50‬:‭1‬-‭23‬ ‭

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