Creating Treasure

I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me.” Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭13‬ ‭

All conditions. All is pretty encompassing. There is nothing we can face that Christ can’t give us the strength to endure. Doesn’t that evoke a deep level of hope?

Paul knew what it was like to walk though a variety of life’s circumstances. He went from one of the elite to a prisoner behind bars. He stood in King’s palaces and was shipwrecked on an island. He knew what it was like to live life dependent on God.

Often we prefer to think that the Christian walk is suppose to be easy. Paul had an easy life before he became a follower of Christ. His testimony shows things got worse after. Yet God gave Paul the strength to endure. Strength comes through external pressure.

Is there external forces that are causing hard times for you right now? Have you considered that something precious can come from it? Diamonds are formed under pressure. Natural diamonds take billions of years to form. Even lab made diamonds take weeks to create.

Likewise, we can not expect the precious treasure in our life to come through quick pressure. Could it be that in our desire for comfort and ease that we short change the pressure? As a result could we be missing out on the treasure God is trying to create through us?

I am thankful that my testimony does not include prison or shipwrecks, but I have walked through many things through the strength of Christ. I believe, if we allow Him access, God will see us through any circumstance we face. He will take the pressure we face from outside forces and build the strength needed for us to become the treasure He made us to be.

Lord, I thank you for the trials and the external forces that You use to create strength in my life. I know it is only by Your strength I can endure. Don’t let me waste the pressure of those trials and shortchange the treasure You are trying to create in me.

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