Food and Drinks

This has little to do with the footsteps of Paul tour that we took, but people always ask about food. So here are some of the pictures of food that we had on our trip in Greece and Turkey. There was a lot of vegetables and other things, but I am not very adventurous when it comes to vegetables because I only like what I like.

In general, the food was fresh, less processed, less seasoning. I enjoyed it, but a lot of people said it was bland.

We were told they drink coffee a lot in Turkey and Greece. Before breakfast they enjoy coffee. We saw a lot of coffee shops, very few had flavored coffees like Starbucks. I did have a hazelnut latte, but it was hazelnut flavored coffee, not flavored cream or syrups. I learned to drink black coffee with one white sugar and one brown, I have kept the habit instead of all the added calories.

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