Let the Adventures Begin

As I left my house this morning, before the sun came up my thought was “Let the adventures begin.” My husband was taking me to the airport. I was heading to New Orleans to meet a friend as we head to Greece tomorrow.

I prayed before we left the house and even as we drove. The week and days leading up I had a restless spirit. I was having dreams I was packing in the airport. Although I am not generally a worrier, I was concerned about my luggage not making it. I was dreading the layover in Houston, as I have never had a 100% positive flight out of there. I was at peace. Despite not sleeping much, I was awake and ready.

Check-in went smoothly and the first leg of my flight was great. I visited with another passenger the whole way to Houston. I literally don’t remember the takeover for or landing. When we made it to Houston I was pleasantly surprised to find my next flight was two terminals down. I updated my family and friend and settled in for the adventure to begin.

And begin it did. We boarded the plane to New Orleans, and left the gate. An hour later we returned to the gate, never having taken off. We got mixed messages. The intercom was not working so while the pilot thought he was updating us, we were all clueless as to why we were being delayed. Eventually we exited the plane, it needed additional maintainable.

Initially we were told 30 more minutes. Then we were told to go to a different gate, that the pilots would fly another plane. A few minutes later we were told that plane was down for maintenance also. Our 11:55 a.m. flight was delayed to 3:39 p.m. The airline was apologetic and offered everyone a meal credit for the inconvenience.

I reminded myself that sometimes delays are God’s protection. If we had taken off and there was really something major wrong with that plane, who knows what would have happened. God makes plans. He orders my steps. He send angels to protect. As much as I wanted to complain, these are the things I kept telling myself.

We finally made it safely to New Orleans. My friend was patiently waiting for me at the baggage claim. We headed to the hotel. There was an accident on the one way road that lead to our hotel. I am directionally challenged in a city and although I could see the directions the phone wasn’t talking. We rerouted several times before stumbling upon the hotel.

We got checked in and decided to let the adventures begin. We walked down Canal and Bourbon to find something to eat. Living in the desert, I can appreciate some fresh seafood. We stopped at Old Nola Cookery and had some wonderful fried shrimp and fish.

So we are tucked back in at the hotel. Tomorrow we will start our adventure!

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