The one who is from God listens to God’s words. This is why you don’t listen, because you are not from God. John 8:47

I need to hear the Words of God. I learned from a young age that when you are hurting, you seek God. The biggest problems my family faced when I was a child, we addressed by going to church. At the time, the church to me, was where you went to talk to God. We ready Bible stories at home, but I never really remember praying in our family home. When we had issues in our family we went to church. I remember my parents going to what I can presume now was pastoral counseling.

After being disappointed by the church in the late 1990s, I left the church and had to learn to really turn to God when I was in need. I had relocated and really knew no one, so I found myself talking to God a lot. Eventually, I shut up long enough for Him to speak back to me.

It takes time to learn His voice, but His sheep do know His voice and follow it. John 10:27 I admit, I often found myself trying to hear His voice, but I would get distracted as I read the Bible. I could read things and not understand it. When I started understanding the Word, I found myself confused because I would learn new things from passages I had read many times before.

What I have learned is that God honors where we are in our journey. He wants us to seek Him. God wants us to listen to His voice until we can identify Him through the noise around us. He is the One who will bring knowledge and understanding.

Prayer – Lord, help me to continue to listen to Your voice.

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