Love Endures

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    for his steadfast love endures forever!
1 Chronicles 16:34

This speaks of God’s lovingkindness. Strong’s H2617 – ḥeseḏ the kindness and goodness of God

  • in redemption from enemies
  • in redemption from troubles
  • in preservation of life from death
  • in quickening of spiritual life
  • in redemption of sin
  • in keeping with covenants (with Abraham, Moses, Israel, with David and his dynasty)
  • it’s abundant
  • great in extent
  • everlasting
  • good

We sing songs about how good and great God is, but “good” is one of those words we use to describe a lot of things. The show was good. The food was good. You’re a good boy. Good dog. For every time the show is good, there is another that is not. For every time the food is good, there are equally as many that are not. Every good little boy, has moments when his behavior is not. Every good dog also has times when the owner says “bad dog.”

Yet God’s lovingkindness, His goodness, they endure forever. He doesn’t stop being good because of my sin. I don’t have that much power. It doesn’t stop because I face troubles in my life. He walks through them with me. It doesn’t stop in death, God is outside of time and brings comfort to those left. He rings comfort to those who know Him and believe in Him as death brings them into eternity with Him forever. God is good when I feel far away from Him. He is good when my soul quickens and I feel Him so close.

God showed His lovingkindness in the lives of Abraham, Moses David and even Israel. Their lives were not perfect. Their lives were not without trouble. His presence in their lives was abundant, great, good and everlasting. When I think about God enduring with them, I am filled with hope because they were not perfect. God still entered a covenant with them, and I can see He kept His promises. I know their sins. Yet, I still read of the testimony of His goodness and mercy through each of their lives. I can see the troubles they faced, both of their own making and others making; God remained with them. He kept calling them back to Him. He redeemed them.

If God was faithfully good, kind, loving and merciful to the saints of old, I know He will continue to be. I can continue to endure knowing that He is no respecter of persons. He will remain good, loving, kind, and merciful, even to me.

Prayer – Lord, I love when Your Word comes alive in a new way showing me another reason I can endure. Your endurance is everlasting. Your goodness will not fade because of me. Your kindness will not stop because of me. Your love will not stop because love is who You are. Your mercy will follow me all the days of my life. They are new every morning. I have to with with You through it all, because You will endure forever!

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