Sweeping the Clouds Away

When we headed to Colorado for the weekend, the weather forecast was not in our favor. Raining and cold. My husband was planning to go gold prospecting, so neither were thing we wanted.

We almost changed our plans after hearing the forecast. Low in the 30s and high in the 50s, my husband knows I am not a snow bunny. I would prefer the sun. He wanted me to enjoy our anniversary weekend. I reminded him this is what I signed up for, him coming to Fairplay to prospect; it’s something he has talked about for a couple years.

We got up early and the temperature wasn’t too bad; jeans, a T-shirt, and a hoodie are working okay for me. We have been out here a few hours and not a drop of rain. The temperature is comfortable.

Playing in an ice cold river is not my idea of fun; I am enjoying the sounds of nature, especially the river. I have written a little, am taking pictures, and taken a couple laps around the walking trail. I enjoy being able to clear my mind and talk with the Lord and letting my husband do something he enjoys.

As we came out, the clouds were dark, a promise for sure of rain. From time to time the sun has peaked out from the clouds and warmed me. I enjoy the sun immensely. Having water nearby, even though I have no desire to be in it, it the icing on the cake to me.

Sitting here, with an occasional ray of sun, I am reminded that I often decide to change my plans before I get started. I hear something that sounds like opposition or mere discomfort and I change plans as if I were the one in control. Often this change is done without getting all the facts or even consulting the Lord.

As the dark clouds parted and the sun peaked through, I was reminded of the theme song from Sesame Street when I was a child:

Sunny Day
Sweepin’ the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet
Can you tell me how to get?
How to get to Sesame Street”

Why do I tend to focus on the dark clouds, instead of the sun? Why do I not stop and ask God for directions when I feel like the clouds are overtaking me? Why do I let the cares of this world cast a dark cloud over me anyway?

In His presence the air is sweet. In His presence there is rest. If I let Him, He will carry the burdens that this world tries to weigh me down with? There is warmth and comfort in His presence, even if for a moment, everything feels like it will be okay. He strengthens me for the journey ahead.

If I keep my trust in Him and His plan for my life, I will be able to walk out anything that He places before me. The clouds may look dark, the world may send me messages that would try to deter me, but He finishes what He starts. He has created good plans for me to walk in. He can sweep back any clouds that would keep me from fulfilling His plans.

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