Streams in the Desert

I see this each time we take a drive down I25. A long patch of green in the middle of the desert. I recognize it as the path where the Rio Grande runs. It is not trees like I am used to, but there is vegetation close to the source of water, or where water has been in the past.

It is the same in the Christian walk, we are most fruitful when we stay connected to the source. There may be times that we feel we are going through a desert, but if our roots are deep enough we will still prosper through that time if we will stay connected to the Lord.

We can follow the fruitful path of our walk with the Lord. Those places where we have allowed His presence to flow freely. The soil in our life during those seasons and in those areas is rich with the nutrients that come from a fresh flow. The growth can be seen by all, even those who are just casual observers.

We can also see those areas where He has overflowed in our lives. Where His presence filled to capacity and ran into other areas, making a fresh path of growth.

And then there are dry areas, where growth is starting to die because we are not allowing His presence to saturate there anymore. It might be unforgiveness that is causing the flow to stop, or unconfessed sin. It might be the busyness of life that we have allowed to block His access to our lives. Regardless, the greenery is starting to fade and be replaced by dead brush, cactus, and cracked soil as the flow is completely cut off.

If we are not careful, the dryness spreads and growth becomes nonexistent. We look around and all we see is dried out weeds and desert all around. There is no sign of life, just the weight of the world bearing down on us like the hot sun in the desert sky. There is no relief to be found.

God has called us to live by the river, for rivers of living water to flow from us. He wants to overflow His blessing in our lives, as David says “my cup overflows”. He is willing to let us have streams even in the desert if we will stay connected to His presence.

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