Discern, Heed, Obey

Hebrews 5:14 But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment changed by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I feel like I can usually discern when someone is genuine versus telling me what they think I want to hear. I can generally discern when someone is being totally fake. There’s been times I was blindsided by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I feel like I’m less able to discern when it is someone who walks and talks the Christian walk. I can tell when a believer is a little off, but is genuine. I want to give every believer the benefit of the doubt. It is hard for me to see that someone in the body of Christ as deceitful.

I remember before a church I previously attended split, I had discerned something was amiss. While I was still hurt when things went down, recognized I had noticed the difference. While I still don’t understand all that happened, I know God showed me when I needed to know to prepare my heart.

There are also times that I know I missed it, I can look back and hear God’s voice. I can think of two specific instances where I know I did not listen to that still small voice. I was warned in a dream and another time from the voice of others. I failed to listen but I understand where I discerned but does not heed. I am learning from that experience.

Discernment, is something that must be practiced constantly. It is needed for every area of our life. It is a spiritual tool that is developed as we listen to the Lord’s guidance, from His Word, from godly counsel, and His still small voice. It is not enough to hear to discern, we must heed His guidance. We must take notice of what our spirit is discerning. Then we have to obey, and do what we are discerning needs to be done. It might be stepping out of where we are comfortable, it might be speaking a certain word, or not responding to something that our flesh is calling us to react to.

If we listen, heed and obey what we discern the Lord is trying to speak to us, we will be prepared for events that might derail us spiritually. He can save us from heartache. We can even learn from those times where we miss it, He can even use those times to grow up spiritually.

Prayer: Lord, help me to not only discern good from evil but help me to heed Your voice and to obey your guidance.

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