A Prayer for the Nation and other

Lord, You see the craziness that is going on in this nation. We need a miracle that can only come from You. I know that You are the one who extends authority. I know that You love all people because You are love. I know that You bless those who bless Israel. I know that You have a plan and purpose for every life conceived and that far too many have been killed before they even live to single day. I know that You created man and woman in Your image and that the enemy has snuck in and tried to destroy and pervert that with gender identity confusion and sexual preference confusion. I know that is not Your way.

Lord the United States of America was founded on You, seeking religious freedom. Lord for far too long the Church has remained quiet and let that religious freedom be taken. Your Church is realizing our grievous sin. We have come to You with repentant heart wanting to change and be all that You called us to be. We are crying out Lord forgive us. Lord we are turning back to You, seeking Your face, asking for Your hand to heal our nation. We are rising up with one voice, with my mind and heart set on You.

Lord I don’t know who will take office in this nation but I know that You will not be surprised by who does. That regardless You can work it out it out for Your glory and honor. Lord, if it is Trump I pray that You would help him learn to guard his words (and tweets). I pray that You would continue to use him for your purpose.

Lord if it is Biden, I pray that he would have a Saul to Paul encounter with you. In fact Lord, I pray this for every leader from the local level, on up to national, and world leaders. Father God that they would, just like Saul who sought to persecute your children, that those who don’t believe in the sanctity of life, the sanctity of marriage, and those who are believe they doing Your work but are really persecuting you, I pray that each and everyone would have an encounter with You that would take them from where they are today to sold out followers of You. That they seek to only draw people to You and bring Your kingdom here. I pray that the work of the enemy would be halted. That he would be put in the chains that he is readily prepared for your people, much like Hamon and Mordecai.

I pray for Godly wisdom for those in our judicial system. I pray for wisdom in the House and Senate. I pray that Your will would be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Christ holy name amen.

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