Seeking Him

At the end of the year, I left my childhood town in Arkansas and moved to New Mexico. I have been surprised at how the temperatures may be similar on the thermometer but my body has felt warmer since I arrived in New Mexico, except the cold nights. When the sun drops, I feel like the temperatures plummet. I enjoy the sun, and am grateful to be able to work on getting some natural vitamin D even in the winter. Yesterday, I enjoyed the bright sun as I walked the perimeter of my new neighborhood. I was just amazed that I could be outside for an hour without a jacket when it was below sixty degrees. Usually I need something covering my hands and ears if it is below sixty.

Today I was looking forward to the same experience; it was a little later as I headed on my walk and cooler than yesterday. I grabbed a lite jacket thinking as I got moving I would warm up. As I passed the first house and the sun fell behind it, the temperature dropped considerably. My jacket was not sufficient. My ears and hands started getting cold. Even my feet, despite the walking were cold. It was a little better when I was out of the shadows, but walking in a neighborhood today, the shadows were more frequent.

I love how God can reveal things to me, even when I am just out for an afternoon stroll. I was impacted by the coolness each time something came between me and the sun. It is much the same way in our lives spiritually when we allow things to come between us and God. Even if it is just briefly, it impacts us. Maybe that is why the Scriptures tell us to seek Him first.

Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

I know in my own life, not only can I tell if I have allowed things to come before my time alone with God, others can too. My touch becomes a little bit colder. My compassion a little less passionate. My love a lot less loving. It doesn’t take a lot, missing a day of time with God, and I notice the difference. A couple days, and my fuse becomes a lot shorter in reaching frustration.

During the days leading up to my move, I was consistent in my Bible app devotion and Bible reading, but I missed several weeks of sitting down and journaling, which I typically do on my lunch break or after I get off work. I would talk to God throughout the day, but I didn’t have my set time with Him. I didn’t take the time to sit in His presence and just enjoy His Word and how it applies to my life.

I realized God was just giving me a glimpse in the natural of what goes on in my life spiritually when I let other things come between us. Yes, His grace covers me because He does not want me to spend time with Him legalistic. However, I enjoy the warmth of His presence more than the coolness that comes in my life when I too many things, or too much time comes between us. He wants me to desire those times when there is nothing between us, and let that be what I seek, just as I wanted to soak in the sun today walking.

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