Perfect Patience

Yet for this reason I found mercy, so that in me as the foremost, Jesus Christ might demonstrate His perfect patience as an example for those who would believe in Him for eternal life.1 Timothy‬ ‭1:16‬ ‭

God wants to display His perfect patience in me. I admit I don’t do a good job a lot of the time letting Him do this, especially when it comes to my family. I easily want their patience with me, but it is hard for me to extend and make myself wait graciously. I can wait it just isn’t in God’s perfect patience.

Maybe this is an area where God has been trying to help me grow. I just haven’t clued into it to allow Him to work it out in me. I still complain in the waiting. I still grumble if it wasn’t me who caused the delay. Except when it is a patient or family with a legitimate reason and then I can offer the grace.

I know my nonverbal communication gives away my impatience more than my verbal communication. Although at times that still gets the best of me with those closest to me. God has had me wait recently for two things I have had started looking forward to.

The first was a trip to Israel. It was supposed to occur in November but without notice or even initial explanation it was put off until February 2020. I grumbled until I spoke with her to her host who said some people needed more time to pay for it. I still would have appreciated the heads up in advance it did quiet my grumblings, and the timing worked out better financially than I had planned.

Also on our trip our flight was delayed. Our connecting flight was missed. When we arrived for our flight to Israel, we waiting on others who were running behind. During our trip we waited a lot for people who were late to our designated location and time. As we waited for our final desent home, there was no other comment except “I am ready to be home.”

The second was a job that I have now. I had interviewed with the company in August and was told they had hired someone else. However, because I didn’t get that role I was recommended by the interviewer for a position to expand my skills. It also allowed me to train my replacement for the ICU. God’s timing was perfect because there was also a major transition at work that I would have not wanted to be part of. God worked out patience in me there.

Prayer – Lord, I have never wanted my patience tested, but looking back I know that it has been. Even as I wait on Tim’s job location and how that will impact me, I have such peace. Help me to stay in your perfect peace and walk this out patiently. Thank you for your mercy where I have not displayed patience. Let me be an example to other believers.

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