To Thirst and Hunger no More

John 6:35 Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.

In the natural lately, I have found myself hungry and thirsty a lot. The Lord sent manna to the children of Israel and they asked “What is it?” which is what manna means. It was bread from heaven.

Christ is the Bread of Life from heaven. When we come to Him, He curbs our hunger. I think that is why in a fast, eventually the physical hunger subsides. I am filled by Him. It is also why when my focus returns to things outside of a spiritual fast, the hunger returns quickly.

Regardless of the fast, I must keep coming to God. When I feel that hunger or thirst, He should be my first feast. I realize it is so easy for me to allow other things to take my eyes off of seeking Him and coming to Him. I am quick to forget (Or at least stop activly acknowledging) what God has done and is doing. I stop going to Him to allow Him to satisfy my hunger and thirst. I let noise drown out His voice. I left food momintarily quench my hunger. I let worldly drinks stop my thirst in the moment. Yet, my hunger and thirst is a need that only God can fulfill.

Prayer – Lord forgive me for not coming to You as I should to feast on the Bread of Life, while I take the time to gorge on the world. Drinking sips on my belief in You while I consume the things of this world instead. LEt me come to you, let me believe every bit of your word and walk in what You have declared. Lord shake me as much as is needed for me to walk in your will and purpose for me to further Your Kingdom.

Lord I lift up Josiah to You. His X chromosome needs restoration. Christ is the X and He can bring complete healing and restoration. Thank you for Josiah’s complete healing and wholeness.

I lift up the people of Israel. Lord protect them and bring healing to those who are ill. Given them favor with the merchants and supernatural provision. Bring healing and peace and unity in the United States also.

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