A glimpse of love

I was sitting in morning prayer before church. My grandkids are here for the weekend, and so they sit on either side of me while we pray. They are most cuddly during this time of intimacy with the Lord. As I looked down my grandson laid his head in my lap and looked up with the biggest smile and love in his eyes. A love so deep that it just cut right through to the deepest parts of my soul.

My grandson’s bigs eyes don’t see all my imperfextions and faults, they see one he loves and cherishes. That smile doesn’t say everything is perfect, it is one of true joy for just being in that moment with his mimi.

I realized, that is a glimpse into the heart of my Heavenly Father for me, for any of His children. God looks at His children with such deep love. He sees His children not through a lens of our sins but through a lens of finished work of the cleansing blood of Jesus. He smiles over His children. He rejoices over us.

The problem is that we don’t take time to allow ourselves to see His love. He don’t still ourselves, or quiet our hearts long enough to allow His love to penetrate our hearts. We aren’t mindful enough of His presence to let Him speak. During this holiday season, I would encourage you to take time to allow God’s love for you to become real. Look for the little ways that He shows His love to you, and picture the love in His eyes and the joyful smile He has for you. You will be surprised if you take time to be mindful of it, how many times during a day that He will bring your attention to Him and His deep love for you.

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