Answered prayers

We were sitting outside enjoying a relaxing evening with our daughters and grandchildren when we got the news.  Maybe it was to be expected, but it really took us by surprise, to the point I asked my husband if he was messing with me.  I had stepped inside while he was on the phone, when I stepped back outside he said “I’ve been laid off.”  Who makes that call on a Saturday evening to someone at home?

I stayed pretty quiet about it. In part,  I knew it was a shock to my husband.  I didn’t need to add other’s inquiries to the hurt it caused him. The other part was because while my faith was in God to meet our family needs and open the doors for a new position for my husband, I didn’t have the strength to carry other’s worry and constant inquiries into what we needed or how the search was going.  I shared with my pastors and a few ladies to join me in covering him in prayer.  My job was to stand in faith and encourage my husband.  I asked my husband that week what he was looking for in a job.  Then I set my prayers to God giving him the desire of his heart and showing him just how much He cares about my husband.

That next week, I headed to California with my aunt and cousin.  Part of me wanted to cancel.  I reasoned spending money when we just lost the bigger 2/3 of our income was not a good idea.  It really was a battle to this girl who like to control things.  Yet, I knew if I cancelled, I was saying God couldn’t meet the need.  I had been planning the trip for months.  The flights had been paid for by my aunt and were non-refundable.  I know God knew in advance what we would face; so I took the trip in faith.

I admit I fully believed that he would have a job before I got back.  Initially, my husband was getting calls letting him know that He was missed, his skills and abilities were needed.  When the call to bring him back didn’t come, he was discouraged.  When interviews didn’t pan out or he was told he had too much experience, I just had to come back and remind him that God had it under control and He would provide our needs.

answeredprayersAs the weeks turned into a month, and then two, God showed up as only He can.  My husband called me in the middle of the day to tell me some exciting news. He is not one to do that, but he was really excited.  He had won a contest, a random drawing with a financial gain.  Then an unexpected check came in the mail.  I have heard about that happening before, but was blown away that it happened to us.  The check covered the majority of our new home loan payment for the month.  Then I won dinner and a movie at a conference, and a friend gave me a gift certificate for no reason for gas.  A couple of our monthly expenses were lower than we normally budget.

When my husband got the call for an interview for a job he really was interested in, he texted me to be praying.  I forwarded it to my prayer warriors.  He had confirmation of the job within the week.

God not only met our needs during the two months between jobs, He answered my husband’s request to have a job in his career field, making more than he was at the time he was let go, and working day shift.    My husband started his new job this week and he really seems to enjoy it.  

I don’t believe that God is done working on this answered prayer, because I put some things in my prayer that are from my heart for my husband.  I am blown away when I see God answer and it doesn’t look like I thought it would.  As I looked back at my prayer request from June regarding my husband’s job, in my prayer I added what I would like to see, one of which is Godly influence. in his life 

Just after he lost his job, the church I attend started advertising a Run4God 5K program.  My husband used to run track in high school.  Although I have completed a 5K before I had never run more than a few steps in my life.  Regardless, I asked him if he would want to go.  He said yes.  We are in week six, and while the running is still a struggle, I have seen God moving.

From the beginning, the group has tried to embrace Tim.  We are both a type 5 in the Enneagram, so getting to know us or getting us to really connect is a difficult task.  Last week, one of the guys invited Tim to church.  I invite him often, and rarely with success, so I admit I wasn’t holding my breath.  When I asked him Sunday morning, I didn’t expect him to come.  I was so excited to see him walk in, my heart leapt.

We had a dinner after church, and I saw many men from the running group come up and literally embrace my husband.  I saw the look on my husband’s face, but couldn’t help but smile as I knew God was answering my prayer.  It was not through the avenue I expected, but in a place I have hoped for connection for so long.   To see men I know serve God, reaching out to him warmed my heart.

Walking through uncertain times can seem daunting, but God is never surprised by our circumstances.  Sometimes, there is something that needs to be learned in the process.  Usually part of the lesson is to depend upon Him more.  Sometimes things get really hard and deadlines get pushed, but one thing I know for certain, through it all God is in control.  Prayers often get answered a timing different from our own and in ways that are different from we expect, but my God still answers prayers.



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