POD #3: Your intentional vacuum

What are you feeling ready to give up in order to create an intentional vacuum of space for fresh, new life:
. . . in your heart?
. . . in your mind?
. . . in your calendar?
. . . and in your home?
Don’t push yourself till it hurts; be gentle and easy with yourself. What feels like you’re ready to release it?
One Very Important Thing: some people find themselves tempted to wait a long time between reading a particularly challenging prompt and writing about it. Trust me when I say this: if you feel discomfort after reading a prompt, you are about to strike personal growth paydirt.
You might be on the verge of the exact breakthrough you came to this Challenge for.
The sooner you pour your feelings onto the page, the sooner you’ll experience that clearing and space. Holding onto the feelings without the release of putting them onto the page simply prolongs the process and delays the relief. Don’t do that, okay?

In the natural, it is very easy for me to purge things.  At least twice a year I do a deep clean and try to get rid of things that are no longer serving a purpose.  Short of a deep sentimental value, I am not attached to many material things.  This past year I purged my book collection.  I decided that if I had read it, the book could go to a place where others could read it for free.  I go through my closet several times a year and give away things that I no longer wear that are in good condition.  About a month ago, I shredded the majority of the paperwork in one of my filing cabinets.  Purging around my home is a regular task.

I also am not one to hold on to too much emotional baggage from the past.  Once I process things, I can let it go.  Not to say that there aren’t things that enemy uses to trip me up from time to time; just generally speaking I am not one to hold grudges or wallow in past hurts or offenses.  I know that it is not healthy to live in the past, even if that past is just thirty minutes ago.  I am quick to purge my emotions.  I experience them, and let them go.

“In life, you often get what you expect.” 
― Michael Hyatt,My calendar, I am not as good at purging; although I have been doing better.  It is very easy for me to over schedule myself.  There are so many things that capture my attention that I want to partake of, and since I don’t believe in doing things half-way I tend to go all in.  People that know me fairly well know I have very little free time.  It just gets booked up.  Right now I have an intentional margin in my calendar, but it doesn’t always translate into free time due to others schedules (AKA my spouse).  I have purged my calendar, but it is an ongoing take that I have to be dilignent and deliberate to purge.

My mind, I would jokingly say I have short-term memory problems so I often purge information.  Destructive thoughts, I am quick to take them captive.  Negative thoughts, I try not to allow to play too long.  Knowledge, I generally share it.

Maybe it is a blind spot, but I don’t think there are any areas that I am not willing to purge.  There is nothing in my life except family that I could not walk away from if I needed to, although I hope that doesn’t mean I will have to.  I try to keep myself open for fresh opportunities, to take in life as it comes, and enjoy it to the fullest.

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