POD: Never Make Assumptions

POD: Never Make Assumptions

Write about this: When was the last time you made assumptions about what someone else might have been thinking or feeling? How did that work out?
What are the go-to assumptions that you are prone to making? How do they play out? How do those assumptions usually work out for you?
How might your life be different if you played around with flat-out asking questions instead of making assumptions?
How might you act and feel differently? What would that take? Are you willing to do that?
Credit: The Four Agreements, by don Miguel Ruiz

I have been pondering this thought for a few days, I know it wasn’t the idea of the POD, but it’s where I was and after much pondering here is what I know.

There are times that I make assumptions.   Like once, a pastor was helping raise awareness about homelessness.  He had the youth come together for a homeless experience where they were suppose to stay outside in boxes.  As my daughter shared her excitement over this upcoming event, she knew that I would be thrilled with the awareness raising event.  Homelessness is an issue near and dear to my heart because I have been there.  My excitement quickly faded when she added “He told us to dress like homeless people.”

That got me fired up and my fire didn’t end until I addressed it with that pastor.  It was only after I had vented and fumed for the days leading up to seeing him again that I paused to think about his heart.  I knew his heart was not to offend me, nor ostracize the youth that were also considered homeless that were attending our church.  When I was able to express my concern to him, he had never even considered that line of offense.  He just wanted the youth to know the struggle was read.  He was so apologetic.

Or when others leave me out, I assume I am being rejected.  A message that my childhood self internalized from the environment around me.  Yet if I pause and think about my assumption I generally ask myself what is the person’s heart behind the action I am making assumptions about.  I try to believe that people’s intentions aren’t hurtful and malicious, but rather completely innocent.

As I continued to ponder on assumptions, I realized that one assumption I have falsely made, even recently, is that because of my past I can never do the things that God intended me to do.  I have allowed this lie to build in my life, and today it was pointed out to me that the only thing that stops God’s Word from coming true in our lives is unbelief.  And my assumption is in fact unbelief.  I am the one that is stopping God from moving and doing what He wants in and through me.

What if I stopped making the assumption that God won’t use me.  What if I realize that  his forgiveness of my sins was given long before I was even born, with complete foreknowledge of the life I would live.  The callings, talents, gifts, and abilities He has placed within and on me, were given knowing every wrong move I would make.  They were given knowing every excuse I would provide to Him.  Yet He still gave them to me and placed dreams and ambitions in my heart.

assumptionSatan is the one who came to kill my soul, to steal my dreams, and destroy my purpose.  That is not God’s heart towards me.  He would not do that to be just to condemn me to a life unfulfilled.  His heart is for me, not against me.  He loves me and wants me to have the desires of my heart.  So what if I start living like it?  What if I truly allow myself to believe it?

My pastor preached today about arising to faith.  He shared from the testing of Abraham’s faith, or as the New King James Version calls it “Abraham’s Faith Confirmed” found in Genesis 22:1-14.  He made some very good points that stand true in my own life.  The point that stood out the most, came towards the end of the message in how the ram was caught in the thicket when Abraham had confirmed his faith.  The ram had been behind him all the time.  The provision of his sacrifice was there waiting when he had completed the testing of his promise.

I have known for some time the dream within me is bigger than me.  I know that I do not have all the resources, the connections, or the knowledge to make it happen.  As a result, I have let my unbelief keep me from walking up the mountain with the sacrifice of my dream.  I have been willing to hang back and think God will bring it to pass right where I am.  I take a few steps toward it, but have been unwilling to leave the things that are holding me back to journey forward to where God is waiting with His provision.

I am willing to let go of the assumptions I have made about allowing God to use me. It is time for me to start being obedient to the things that He has told me to do and trust that as I am faithful in obedience to Him, that He will be faithful to bring provision where it is needed.

This post is prompted by
Tara-Nicholle Nelson’s 30 Day Writing Challenge for Conscious Leaders.

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