Supernatural Growth {#Write31Days}

Peter was one of the first disciples to be called by Jesus. Little is known about his early life, or his personal life – other than he was married and a fisherman by trade.  Peter, much like myself was all over the map in his spiritual walk.  One minute He was declaring Christ was the Messiah.  Yet another time denying he even knew Christ.  Yet one thing is certain Peter had supernatural growth after he was will filled with the Holy Spirit.

SupernaturalA few highlight reels of Peter’s life:

  • Peter had faith to get out of the boat and walk on the water. Matthew 14:25-31
  • Peter confessed Jesus as Christ the Son of the Living God Matthew 16:13-18
  • Peter was told by Jesus specifically to feed His sheep John 12:14-16
  • Peter was the first to step out and preach the Gospel Acts 2:14-39
  • Peter performed miracles through the power of the Holy Spirit Acts 3:1-10

And a few of the low moments:

Jesus called out Peter a lot, not in a bad way but individually.  Jesus called him Peter instead of his given name, Simon.  Jesus asked Peter specifically who Peter said Jesus was.  When he was in the garden at Gethsemane he left three of the disciples to go farther to pray, but when he came  back to find them sleeping Jesus said, “Peter, why are you sleeping?” as if he was the only one sleeping Matthew 26:40.   Jesus asked repeatedly if Peter loved him.

As I think about Peter’s life in light of the highlight and low moments, I can relate to the low moments.   When left to my own devices I am selfish, unforgiving, prideful, reactive and prone to comparison.  I feel like God is often calling me out on things that are perfectly okay for others to do.

When I look at Peter’s highlight reels, I think “There could be hope for me yet.”  God did not count the long list of low moments against Peter.  Jesus specifically asked for him following his resurrection.  He knew Peter would need some reassurance.  He wanted Peter to know despite the denials, God still had a plan for him.  Feed sheep.  He instructed Peter (And the others) to wait.  He would send His Spirit to give them supernatural power.

I grew up hearing about the Spirit of God, but never that His power was available to be present in my life.  I felt powerless to do anything but live in the low moments.  I could confess Jesus Christ as Lord, but I didn’t know how to let Him be Lord of my life.  I need the Spirit of God to direct my path.

Then I learned about the true character of the Holy Spirit, and that I was created in God’s image.  I don’t necessarily have faith to walk on water like Peter.  Yet I have had to step out in faith from many boats of security.  Steps of faith that required I stay when I wanted to leave.  Steps of faith where if God didn’t provide I wouldn’t have.   As I take steps in faith, God meets me with His supernatural power and growth.

I needed God’s supernatural power to step out of my comfort zone and feed His sheep.  My  gifts and talents don’t match Peter’s but they were designed by God for me to do.  It is easy to allow the comparison, unforgiveness, and selfishness to make me question God’s  direction in my life.  I find myself backing down from what should be a simple request – a word of encouragement, praying with others, sharing God’s word with others.  As I submit to His power, I see supernatural growth in His work through me.

I haven’t had the opportunity to see the lame walk and the blind see as I gave to them the supernatural power within me like Peter did.  Yet I have seen the Holy Spirit power work miracles that can not be explained in any other way.   I have seen supernatural recoveries. I have seen supernatural provision.  I have heard of supernatural death to life experiences.  I have seen addictions broken, captives set free, and prisoners released.  I know that a time will come, just as it did in Peter’s life, when God will perform everything through me that He desires.  In the meantime, I will continue growing in my knowledge and relationship with Him moving towards supernatural growth.

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This blog is part of a #Write31Days series on growth.  31 Days is an online writing challenge, where bloggers pick one topic and write a post on that topic every day.

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