It’s all right

POD #30: It’s all right 

Write about the balance between inspired action and trust that you will have everything you need, when you need it, in your next season

destination Like a kid baking cookies, I am love to try things out all along the way.  I am not sure how many times I have went to make chocolate chip cookies and combined the wrong ingredients into the bowl or in the wrong order.  Mixing all the ingredients takes time, but I am there with my finger in the bowl wanting to taste test  even before all the ingredients are there.  If the dough can make it in the oven, I am there taste testing to make sure they are “Fit for consumption.”  I have also learned that cookies that get taken out of the oven too quickly often fall, yet I am always in a rush to get them out.   I have several gone before the pan is even cooled.

It is the same with things i get involved with. I tend to want to run ahead with the most recent idea that has captured my attention.    I am quick to find something that fuels my passion.  I want to learn everything I can and immediately jump in head first.  I find it easy to pick up projects that spark my interest.  I find myself over committed and then under performing.  I have learned and am still learning that just because it is a great idea, does not mean it is a now idea.  It also doesn’t mean it is something that I have to invest all my time into doing.  I often want to jump in without even getting all the information needed.

I have a hard time balancing what I want to do now, and interest in the long-term development of something.  I like to act while the energy is high, my mind is challenged and my motivation is peaked.  Waiting is not my strong suit when these things happen all at once.

I am learning that part of the delay in process is the preparation needed for what is coming.  That is where I am now.  I know that I do not have the resources within myself to accomplish all that I feel inspired to do.  That doesn’t mean I shouldn’t allow myself to be inspired or dream.  I know that other people will need to come alongside me and catch the vision that is within in order to see my dreams fulfilled.  Others also have to be in the right place in their lives for this to happen.   I am not in control of others.

One of the worst traits that I tend to have is the tendency to quickly move into manipulation mode when I want something to happen.  Too many times, my desire to get started has gotten outside of God’s timing.   While He has allowed me to have my own way, I have also had to face the consequences.  By now you would think I have learned that there is a reason for the delay.

I have to allow each step of the process to occur and not try to rush into things just to make them happen.  Just because things are not happening on my timetable does not mean they are not happening on time.  When I attempt to speed up that process vital pieces are likely not going to fall into place.   Even if the dream doesn’t fall flat, it may not be as successful as it could have if I just slow down and realize it is alright to be right where I am at.  It is okay to take things slow and allow things to happen naturally.  I can take slow steps towards progress instead of just rushing head first into things.   When the time is right things will fall into place.  I have seen this happen time and time again.  I just need to trust the process and what to see what the finished product will be.

This post is prompted by Tara-Nicholle Nelson’s 30 Day Writing Challenge for Conscious Leaders

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