How do you respond to expectations? 

POD #28: How do you respond to expectations? 
Do you generally resist work deadlines, tax filing due dates, bill payment deadlines and other things people expect of you?
If so, write about one type of external expectation you’ve learned how to meet, consistently. How did you do that? What’s the strategy you’ve used?
Do you generally live up to your expectations of yourself, like when you set goals to do your own projects, food and fitness goals or other expectations of the things it’ll take to build the life you envision?
If you struggle with internal expectations, write about one type of internal expectation you’ve learned how to meet, consistently. How did you do that? What’s the strategy you’ve used?
Has your knowledge of yourself shifted in the course of this Challenge in a way that makes certain expectations easier for you to meet? What have you learned about your capacity? Your inspiration sources? Your identity?
(You can take The Four Tendencies quiz and learn about your type, plus all manner of strategies for managing yourself and finding your personal inspiration, here.)

I wasn’t surprised when I took the quiz and came up with the result of rebel.  I do tend to meet hard deadlines, but I push the envelope a little and usually don’t start until the last moment as I don’t like others dictating the how.

Some things have become engrained, like filing taxes.  When I was a single mother, or just struggling wife with three kids tax day was a good thing, nice check with Earned Income Tax, so I generally filed on the first day we had all our paperwork.  Even though the tides have turned, and Uncle Sam now gets a check from us, I still tend to file months in advance.

deadlinesI have also paid enough late fees in my life to know to pay bills on time.  Direct withdraw is a great friend of mine except when I change cards and need to update all my information.  Financial hits are a great motivator, although it took me much longer to learn the lesson than it should have.

I will also now tend to meet expectations of others.  If there is just a date deadline, it might be 11:59, but I will do it out of respect.  This was also a lesson to learn as I tend to run behind.  I still push it at work, as I don’t want to give more of my time than I need to.  I prefer 8 a.m. to my coworkers 7:30a.m.  But when traffic has issues, this sometimes backfires.  when I am present I give my all, and I am one who will stick around after work if needed to finish projects up on occasion.

Personal goals I find much harder to accept a deadline.  I am good at setting goals, but I find it easier to move my deadlines or ignore them all together. I find I work better to say “I will do ___ this many days.” than putting a hard stop date. My task oriented mind will make sure I meet the goal of the number of days even though I will completely skip the date deadline.

This post is prompted by Tara-Nicholle Nelson’s 30 Day Writing Challenge for Conscious Leaders

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