The Conscious Collective

POD #23: The Conscious Collective
Here’s your prompt:
First, what is the epidemic you’d like to spread as your offering to the world?
Second, who do you want or need to collaborate with as you spread this contagion? It might be specific individuals you already know by name, could be skills or resources that you want to bring into the mix. It might even be a specific flavor of support, assistance, mentorship, tools, alliances, or guidance.
What might that partnership look like, in an ideal world? What would be both spacious and synergistic, from your point of view? What sort of collective would make your next season easier, more flowy, more fun, and more impactful? Do you already know who these people are? If so, list all the reasons they’ll want to partner with you, when the time is right. (Also, list the reasons they might not.)
This might take a moment of sitting with and marinating on what your special talents are and the areas of complementary skills that you’d love to have on board, as you move into the next season.

ExperienceOne of my favorite things to do is to let people tell their stories.  There is something special about giving people a voice to share their experiences and knowledge.  As they have the opportunity to have someone truly listen to their story you can almost see the memories in their eyes as they light up with happy memories and pause to remember those that broke their hearts but made them who they are. I can not count the number of times I have heard “I have never told anyone that.” and I am honored that usually complete strangers would trust me enough to share a piece of themselves.

I feel like I gain just as much from the experience as the person sharing their story.   I glean wisdom from their life’s experiences. Hearing stories of the people who experienced things is so much more powerful than reading it in a book.  Good or bad, it marks your life to hear first hand stories.  Hearing tragedies makes me appreciate more what I have and softens my heart to the hurt in others.  Hearing positive stories reminds me that there are good people in the world and balances out the negative.

I love to partner with anyone who will also get people talking and sharing their stories.  I believe most people just need an outlet to release themselves where it is safe to share.  So my partners have to be safe people.  They have to be able to create a no judgement zone regardless of what is say.  Persons who can quiet themselves and just let someone else talk.  Partners who can give their attention, courage, peace, love and comfort to those who are outside of their immediate circle.

Listening to others, letting them share their voice, it takes time, attention and openness.  Not everyone is suited to listen to life stories, but anyone can choose to.

This post is prompted by Tara-Nicholle Nelson’s 30 Day Writing Challenge for Conscious Leaders.

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