Your defining rod

POD #15: Your defining rod 
As you think about your next season of life or the next transition you want to make, what is your internal guidance system—your defining rod—telling you to do?
Who does your soul say you are?
What does your soul say you came to this beautiful planet to do or to create? This could be The Next Big Thing, or it could be a beautiful family. All of the above count.
Hint: your soul is pure love. It will never put you down, will never say anything mean or hateful to you, will never say anything discouraging or self-deprecating. If you hear anything like that, that’s not your soul talking.

I have to start this off being difficult.  I have a different definition of the soul, than that contained in the prompt hint.  I believe my soul is my mind, will, and emotions.  And my soul is not always loving.  If I am honest there are times that I say mean and hateful things to myself.  I often discourage myself and depreciate myself.  These are areas that I am working on, but it takes time to renew this stubborn girl’s soul.  But my spirit, my spirit is my defining rod, my internal guidance center that I tend to rely on most often.

My defining rod is telling me that it is time to surrender control.  It is time to take who I know God to be, who I know I am in Christ and combine that with the skills, abilities, talents and knowledge He has placed in me.  It is time to stop making excuses, procrastinating, and comparing and just walk in it.

My spirit is connected with my Creator’s Spirit.  It says I am who God created me to be.  My spirit says I am loved, I am His child.  I am His friend.  I belong.  I am chosen.  I am redeemed.  I am forgiven. I am complete in Him.  I am free.  I am His workmanship.  I can do all things through Christ.

I feel like that defining rod has been searching for so long.  It has been drawing to the surface the impurities that needed to be washed away. It has been taking the hurts and hang-ups from the past and redefining them with the purpose that was hidden in the pain.  It has been showing me that there is a journey that I am on that leads to rivers that flow with Living Water for others to drink from.

divining rodMy defining rod points the way to Christ.  He is not only my source, but He is my completion.  He is my beginning and my end.  Everything I have is in Him.  Everything I have is through Him.  My defining rod points to Him as it is only in Him that I can do what He has called me to.

I am here on this plant to make an eternal difference in the life of others.  I am meant to share with others the grace that is so freely given and readily available. I am meant to restore hope to those who have lost hope, and to show a way to those who never had hope.  I am meant to help others to reach their full potential, calling out the things that need to go, connecting them to the resources to meet their needs,  and encouraging them to dream big as they walk into their destiny.

I don’t know what my next transition will look like.  I rarely do.  My spirit leads and eventually I follow. I follow sometimes through trials and valleys.  I follow sometimes with an urgency to move.  Other times I drag my feet, waiting for the gentle nudge or the reaching had to guide me where I am called to go.  No two transitions have ever been the same for me.  Some came through a long process, other transitions came suddenly.  Regardless of how it comes, I often fail to see the importance of the event in the moment.  It is usually only after the momet has passed, that I can see how it defined my life.

This post is prompted by Tara-Nicholle Nelson’s 30 Day Writing Challenge for Conscious Leaders.



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