I want

A thirty-day writing challenge, I have done it each October for a few years now – focusing on living intentionally, on discipline, on trust.

What makes this time different?  My focus is not to convey a thought on a specific topic or delve deeper into my word for the year.  My hope for this next thirty days is to delve deeper in to me.

Not the me I wish I was.

Not the me I pretend to be.

Not the me others think I am.

Not the me others want me to be.

wantI want in this moment discover who I really am.

I want to use this challenge to create me; the me God made me to be.  The me that I have hidden from the world, and in truth – myself.

I want to move past  the should have, the should not have, the pretenses, the façade and create the me I am meant to be.

I want to release myself to be all that I was designed for.

I want to move on from the past and move into my divine destiny.

I want to get ready for the world that I am about to walk into, even realizing I have no idea where that next step will take me.

I want to practice my writing, my vulnerability and honesty – not just with the pen and paper; but with myself.

I want to transition from the passive person that has allowed life to continue on into someone who truly lives on purpose, with intention,  with focus.

I want to experience the moment that I am in, with clarity of thought, emotion, and impact.

I want to put to bed the masks, the walls, the facades that keep me bound by what I think others think they need me to be.

I want to release my expectations of me.

And when I have exhausted my pen, I want to work on the ideas that have been placed inside of me.  I want to devote the rest of my writing time to the things yearning inside of me to escape to the paper.  The things that have been bottled up for years, waiting….. waiting…… for release.

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