It’s one of the few things
Once you’ve given
You can’t get back

clock-407101_1920I used to be very disrespectful of people’s time
I was always
running late

Then somehow God got through to me
About how disrespectful I was
So I try to do better
Not that I’m perfect
But I do try to do better

I think about people who like to arrive early
I feel like that’s disrespectful too
If I’m prepared at say 6:30
And you show up at 6:25
Then I’m probably pretty close to being ready

But if you show up at 6 o’clock
Then I have to rush around
And try to keep you entertained
While I try to finish doing the things
That I needed to do to prepare.

Maybe I am just selfish
With my Time
It’s one of the few things
If it’s stolen
You can’t get it back.
So I try to use time

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