I missed it completely.  It had been there over twenty-four  hours and yet I had walked past it twice, at least, and completely missed it.

This morning as I walked out the door a smile greeted me as my eyes scanned the driveway.  My husband had kept our grandchildren a couple night before and the evidence of their time together filled my driveway.wp-image-1953020657jpg.jpg

I thought about how that also reflects my personal life.  How many things do I miss because I am not really paying attention?  How many things do I miss because I am so occupied with other activities?  How much do I miss from God?  For myself? About others? How many opportunities have passed me by?

Missed God
I think back to times that I know I missed God.  Times where He spoke something directly to my heart and I didn’t obey.  Or times when I heard, but let the truth slip away as I failed to make the daily decision to change. I find myself still traveling around the same mountain weeks, months and sometimes even years later.

I am thankful that when I miss God, He continues to beckon me.  He puts obstacles in my way trying to get me to turn to Him.  I am thankful that He can redeem the time that I have lost in not paying attention to Him.  He lets me do things in my own time, all the while I can picture Him grinning that I am doing thing the hard way.

Missed self
Of all the things I miss, I probably miss things about myself the most.  I am not in touch with my emotions.  I ignore body pains.  I put others needs in front of my own.  A lot of times, I really don’t know what I need.  While I am trying to do better, I know that I am not in touch with myself completely.

A friend recently commented that she noticed a change in my demeanor lately.  I hadn’t really noticed.  It wasn’t that I was in the funk that surrounded my life months after the death of my mom.  Maybe I haven’t been my joyful self, or even as talkative, but I didn’t think anyone noticed.

Thinking about her comment, tears flowed as I allowed myself to process all the change in my world lately.  Not paying attention to myself, I had missed the opportunity to draw on my friends and family for support.  I had ignored that underlying feeling that was stealing my joy.

I am grateful that God puts people in our paths that are observant.  People who look past the masks we put on daily and look through the eyes of God at us.  I am thankful for friends who know me well enough, despite my walls, to call me out on the junk I overlook.

Missed others needs
Usually if I miss out on others’ needs it is because I am too busy or I choose not to pay attention to them.  I often fill my schedule too full and it doesn’t allow me time for interruptions.  When I am taking my time, I can pick up on subtle cues that something is wrong and press for the deeper issue.  times when I am drained or spent, I may make a mental note of someone else’s need, but I choose not to give them the attention they need at that moment.

I find it amazing the things we choose to overlook when it comes to others.  Things that if we just took five minutes could free a person from a burden they have been carrying.  Where a need can be discovered that is easily met.  In our busyness we don’t make time for “interruptions” and these are usually just God giving us an opportunity to bless someone else.

Missed Opportunities
Every day we face choices in how we spend our time.  There are times that I have missed an opportunity because I chose to not listen to that still small voice.  Preoccupation with things can keep me from an opportunity that God places before me.  Usually I am looking for God to tell me to do some big thing, but I realize that most of the opportunities come in the small things.

Some opportunities will pass us by, never to be seen again. God may bring someone one else to minister to the need, but our opportunity is gone.   Other opportunities are tied to our destiny and although it gets delayed because we missed it, God will bring it around again.


I am thankful that just like I smiled as I saw the evidence of my grandchildren and husband’s time together, that God smiles when He sees that His daughter finally “gets it” in an area. God knows in advance that there will be times that I miss Him, His grace covers me. God knows that there will be times that I overlook key things about myself, He will find a way to get my attention when I need to address it. God knows that there are people who are broken and hurting, He made me to minister to them. When I fail, He will bring them back to me or bring someone else to them because He loves them too. And when I miss opportunities, I may delay my destiny but God will grow me more to redeem the time when needed.

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  1. Thank you for this post. So much truth in all of it, but I’m thinking specifically of the “missed self” part. That was profoundly written. It can take a lifetime to learn to pay attention even to our own bodies, yes?

    This paragraph spoke to me, and I’m writing it down to remember: “Some opportunities will pass us by, never to be seen again. God may bring someone one else to minister to the need, but our opportunity is gone. Other opportunities are tied to our destiny and although it gets delayed because we missed it, God will bring it around again.” Like Susan said, I’m so thankful that he gives us multiple chances!

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