One to Another

I look to the left, and begin to say “why don’t you….?” as I try to solve my neighbors issues; even though I know nothing about her personal struggle.  God quickens my heart.  “You were there once too. Remember your own struggle. She is in that process.”  

I can’t compare what I have came through to where others are now.
I look to my right and think “Why can’t  I be more like her?” Again God quickens me. “Don’t compare your weaknesses to her strengths.  Your gifts and talents are not the same because your purposes are different.” 

I shouldn’t downplay what God has placed in me because it doesn’t look like someone else’s life.

Faults. We all have them.  Some are more visible or evident than others.   Yet we all struggle with them.  In addition to comparison, I am quite opinionated and can talk too much.  I like to be right.  I like to debate. I am not always a nice person.  These are just a few of my faults.

As Christians, we often fail to admit our faults and weaknesses to one another.  We feel guilt or shame in our faults.  Instead of admitting our faults, praying, and getting healed, we hide or minimize our faults.  In doing so, we provide a distorted image of the Christian walk. 

Living authentically, we are able to encourage others to do the same. Sharing our faults with one another enables us to release the power of God.  God gets the glory as people see the wonderful results of prayer.

When we don’t share our faults of each to another, people may see a change, but God does not get the glory He deserves.   People don’t realize through prayer the change came.

We also don’t allow people to exercise their prayer voice when we don’t share our faults one to another.  Individuals fail to realize that their prayers are just as powerful as another Christian’s prayers.  When we admit out faults one to a other, they have the opportunity to pray for God to intervene on our behalf. 

Failing to share our faults one to another, also fails to reinforce who we  are in Christ.  An individual may not see themselves as the Righteousness of Christ.  When God answers their prayer for us, it is because the righteous prayed a fervent prayer. 

Failing to share our faults one to another, also fails to build up others faith.  If they don’t pray, they can’t see the wonderful result of the words they prayed. Our faith is built up when we see the thing we prayed  for happen.

Not admitting our faults also discourages those who are struggling.  We appear to have it all together.  They are focused on thier faults.  This allows the enemy room to build the lie they are the only Christian struggling.

As believers, God designed us to be interconnected.  We are to share in the joys with others. We are to share in the sorrows. We are to share our faults one to another. God promises to meet our faults with wonderful results as we allow others to pray on our behalf. 

2 thoughts on “One to Another

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  1. Right on target.
    I’ve been saying for years that we have gone so far away from sharing our struggles and faults. This is why we sit in church and think we are the only ones that don’t have it all together.
    If we opened up with one another, then we could come around each other in love and help each other get through.

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