He will Answer

HEISLISTENINGEver since I allowed my children to have cell phones, I have had an expectation that they will answer when I call.  This has allowed me to feel more secure when they were out with friends.  It allowed me to give them more freedom while still giving me peace of mind.

If they missed my call, there was a five-minute window where I would expect a return call or I would go where they were suppose to be.  I also expected that when they were driving or riding with other youth, they would call or text me when they arrived to their destination and when they were leaving to return home.

My oldest daughter didn’t test that too much. Even when she left home she continued this habit.  She is a young adult and I still talk to her several times a week.  My son, he needed a lot of reminding especially on the later.  He still calls me at least once a week.  My youngest she has challenged it all.  When she was younger she never really went anywhere that wasn’t school  or church related – academically or extracurricular.  But she has always been bad about answering the phone, whether call or text.  I call and get no answer.  I text and never get a response.  Not just occasionally – about fourteen times in the past few weeks.  She rarely let me know when she arrived anywhere or when she was leaving to come back home.  It drives me nuts.  She is an adult now, but still lives in our home and most of the time I talk with her less than I do my son in North Carolina.  My husband can be just as bad at answering the phone and text messages, so I know where she gets it.

Despite my frustration with youngest and my husband, I do know that there is Someone who will always answer me.  God promises that not only is He listening, but we can be sure He will answer.

Yes, sometimes the answer is “No.”

Or as I like to say “Not now, I have something better.”

But at times the answer is a resounding “Yes.”

I have a God who promises He will always answer.

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