He will answer

mobile-1097232_1280This is one of the first scriptures that I taught my children when I first started seeking God for myself.  I wasn’t in church; instead, I was reading and studying the word for myself.  I was learning to talk to God and He met me where I was.  In all my brokenness and hurt, God was there.  Even before I called to Him, He answered.

God was looking out for me even when I wasn’t calling Him.  As a wayward teenager, God kept calling me back to Him.  Even though my words were  not to Him, He was looking at my actions.  My heart, my soul, they were crying out to Him  “Do you notice me?” as I made poor choices and rebelled against Him. I rebelled against a God I already knew had saved me.  But God wanted more than to just save me.  He wanted relationship.  He was answering me before I called Him, drawing me back to Him.

Even today He answers while I am still speaking.  I can look back on the past seventeen years, really my whole life, and I can see God’s answers to prayers while I was still in the midst of praying it.  He showed me things before I understood the meaning.  Preparing my heart for things to come so they would not throw me off track.  Some things I was talking to Him about.  Other things that He was trying to show me, but I was not sensitive to hear.  Even big things He has answered while I was still praying.

I think He answers while we are still speaking, especially in my life, to show that He is the one in control.  He answers in ways that I would not expect.  He answers questions I am only pondering in my mind.    He answers because he doesn’t want me to think or say “That is exactly how I did pray about it.”  If I am still formulating my words then I can see that He is the one who placed in on my heart.  It takes me out of it.

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