My weakness

weaknessIn the social work profession,  I am trained in strengths perspective.  This perspective is about focusing on the strengths and abilities rather than deficits. I can typically find strengths in the most difficult of circumstances.

Most people have a hard time seeing their strengths.  However, they can tell you in great length their faults.  Most have memorized them just a gymnast memorizes their stance, steps and grips as they practice on the bars.

God wants me to focus on my areas of weakness.  When I am focused on my strengths, I can operate in my own power.   I am not foolish enough to think I can do anything apart from God. I know He gifted me with my talents and abilities.  I can operate in these gifting and abilities where I am strong.

However, in my weaknesses I have to turn to Him.  I have to depend on Him to come through.  In my weakness, I look to His strength.  This is where God wants me to abide, in dependence on Him.  He wants me to use my skills and abilities, but He also challenges me to operate in His strength.  He wants me to step out of the comfortable and pull on Him to meet me in my areas of weakness as I work for His glory and honor.  He wants me to hang on to Him and allow His strength to shine through me.  Even in my weakness, I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

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