The Walk

There once was a woman, she was smart and independent.  She was a hard working servant in her community. She had a pleasant attitude and tried to live right.  She was faithful to her spouse and dedicated to her family.  Her life for all intentional purposes was good.

Then one day she met this Man who changed her life.  As good as she thought things were before Him, she realized that she wanted to do better.  When she would find out that He liked something,she would do everything within her power to do it.  If there was something He didn’t like, she tried to avoid it.  It was a lot of work, but she really wanted to please Him.

People often commented on how much she had changed since she met Him.  Some welcomed the change, others disliked it. Her life was changing on the outside, but really there were things inside of her that just pointed to how different she was from who He wanted her to be and who He saw her as.  Only those really close to her could see that side and some people who knew Him well could sense that she wasn’t as genuine as she appeared to be.

Then one day her world came crashing down around her.  Had she been paying attention, she might have seen it coming but she was so focused on appearances.  People around her started noticing that she wasn’t all that she appeared to be.  The curtain came down around the show that she had put on since she started spending time with Him.  It became apparent that who she appeared to be on the outside was not who she was on the inside.

He wanted to help her.  He wanted her to see who she could be.  He wanted her to see His love for her.  He wanted her to see that she could trust Him.  He offered to intervene.   Everything He promised seemed too good to be true.  He was willing to stand by her, even if she went no farther with Him, but He offered more.  She finally let down her guard and decided to just trust Him and let Him fix things for her as He promised.

She began to be more dependent on Him.  She realized that she didn’t have a choice.  Initially she would take a back seat and just let Him do certain things for her. She tried to maintain her independence in areas where she thought she could.  He willingly let her, but also made sure she knew she could depend on Him completely.

As she realized that she could trust Him with some things, she started to look to Him more and more.  First He became her advisor.  She would allow Him to walk her through the process of something for better understanding or an easier path than the one that eventually would lead to her frustration.  They talked frequently, but she still tried to hide certain things from Him.

As He became a trusted advisor, she realized that if she let Him, He would not only advise, but He would take the lead.  All she had to do was follow His direction.  He became her guide.  She wouldn’t go anywhere that He did not go first.  She realized that she avoided a lot of the problems that she got herself into when she just followed His lead.

As she began to trust Him more to lead, He showed her that if she allow Him to, He would just do things for her, through her.  People would look and see her actions and know that it was Him working through her.  She began to defer everything to Him.  She did nothing unless it was Him doing it.  People would talk to her and she would point to Him for the answer or the action.  She let Him do everything.

Eventually she got to the point that she completely released everything to HIm.  She was at complete rest, He was in complete in control.


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    1. Yes, this is truly about the Christian walk. How we go from thinking life is okay, to salvation. Trying to earn it, but then surrendering our life to the Holy Spirit.


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