The Dance {#FMFParty}

There is a Garth Brooks song that came out in 1990 “The Dance.” It is a song my husband picked out for us after a breakup, when he was trying to reconcile with me.  It’s still appropriate because we were married, divorced and through the grace of God reconciled and have been married for sixteen and a half years.

I remember dancing with Him in my parents front yard to the radio playing.  I really was just a kid at the time.  If someone would have told me all that we would walk through together, I would never have believed it.  Our life together has been a dance, but it is one that I would not have missed. We have three beautiful children and grandchildren.

If you haven’t heard it, you can hear His story behind it and the song at :


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  1. Jackie, what a great post.That song always moves me. I haven’t heard it in years. Our relationships with our husbands are like a dance, aren’t they? Learning how to move together, to follow and to love well. How to be in sync with each other and with God to make beautiful movement.

    Stopping by from FMF.


  2. I have loved reading everyone’s posts about dance and what it means to them. I think life is like a dance, but we have to choose to join in or sit this one out. Oh the things that we miss when we sit out!

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  3. It’s a beautiful song.

    Barbara and I were married in 2002, divorced in 2003, and remarried in 2004 (in a helicopter over the Las Vegas strip, at night, by a Catholic priest who’d gotten special dispensation from the Archbishop.

    And I did not know this…Barbara was only going to remarry me if a priest would show up. Otherwise, no dice. And I didn’t know we’d gotten a priest until he showed up at McCarran Field.

    Miracles, anyone?

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