Self Love #Write31Days

wpid-wp-1444667138355.jpegI have read somewhere that the rod was engraved with the family name and represented the authority of the entire family line.  It was the idea of disappointing or shaming the family that held the discipline.  As I read this scripture, usually my mind goes to the physical discipline of a child, today I had a different thought.

I thought about self-discipline, or the lack thereof in my life.  I heard “Those who spare the rod of discipline hate themselves.  Those who love themselves care enough to disciple themselves.”  I have shown a lack of love towards myself as I have failed to discipline my flesh.  Not just lack of love, but pure hatred.

I wouldn’t have labeled it as that, but looking at the bigger picture, it is.  Yes, there are areas that I exercise discipline.  But there are many areas that I fail.  Love never fails.  I can’t fail in discipline if love never fails.   The excuses that I have made over the past couple of decades have reinforced my negative perception of myself.  It may have started as a self-protection because I didn’t believe that I had enough control, but it turned into a deep hatred.

I realize that only the love of God can bring healing to those areas in my life that I 2015Write31Dayshave buried through lack of discipline.  Only God can bring love back to those places where I have allowed hate to grow.  Only God can turn my self loathing into self love.

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