From faith to fruit #Write31Days

wpid-wp-1444019224779.jpegAs we build our faith, we must be disciplined to add to our faith virtue.  Virtue is behavior showing high moral standards.  See, it’s not enough to just believe, our actions must turn into behaviors.

God accepts us where we are in faith, but then He helps us to grow into the unique person that we are designed to be.  Our behaviors will start to reflect His high moral standards as we walk in His grace.  The more we abide in Him, the more our behaviors will line up with His Word.  We will begin to gain a deeper knowledge of the things of the Kingdom.  We will learn that the knowledge of the Kingdom also applies to the things of daily life, not just the life to come.

As our knowledge grows, we will have to learn to walk in self-control.  Dying to self takes self-control.  This self-control doesn’t come from our power, but is a fruit of the Holy Spirit that is grown in us as we continue to abiding with Him.  As that fruit grows, we must continue to persevere.  Perseverance is required because most things of God do not come quickly.  We must remain steadfast regardless of the difficulty or delay.  This will continue to deepen our faith.

As we persevere in our faith, God’s goodness will also grow in our life, another fruit of the Spirit.  The quality of being good will become part of who we are as we become more like Him.  Our goodness will be displayed through brotherly love as we do kind acts for one another.  As we put the needs of others before ourselves, the true agape love of God will shine through us.

We must be disciplined to allow this process to come through our lives.  While it fits nicely in a scripture, it takes discipline to walk out.  Surrendering to God and dying to self is a daily walk.  But the promise at the end, is that if we have these things and if we allow them to grow that we will be neither barren (not producing fruit or seed)  nor unfruitful (Not producing good results) in the knowledge of our Lord, Christ Jesus.

As Christians we are called to be fruitful.  In the natural, fruit produces seeds and the good results are nourishment for our bodies.  In the spiritual, we plant seeds i2015Write31Daysn the lives of others that should take root and produce fruit.  As we walk out the fruit in our lives produces good results for the Kingdom of our Lord, both on earth and eternally.  We can become disciplined to grow our faith into fruit.

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