He Knows Me

Mediating the past two weeks on God knowing me, I was given a fresh revelation of the depth that He knows me.  The question was posed “How do you see yourself knowing that God created and shaped you as you are?”

While I know that God made me, I rarely think about it as a personal thing.  In fact, my initial response to the question was “Yes, God created me, but I have certainly added to the shaping.”  I realize, it is one thing to know that God create me, which I do know whole-heartedly, but that’s general.  It’s another thing to really comprehend that He shaped me and is shaping me, that is personal.

I have always thought about His creation as a single action.  God’s creation and shaping will take my whole lifetime.  It will not be complete until I step into eternity.

So I went back to the question.  The simple answer is that the Bible tells me so.  In my heart I know that God created me.  I know that He uses the things I have been though to make me who I am.  That is one layer of knowing that God knows me.


God didn’t just make me.  He crafted every part of me, intentionally.  He shaped every part of my life.  Every little detail, nothing was done by accident.  He was in control even at times I thought I was.  He was shaping me for the purpose that He has for me.  Even at times where I fail to walk where He wants, He is shaping me.  He is refining me by fire.

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