God’s calendar {He Know’s Me}

Psalms 139:16 You saw me before I was born and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe.  Every day was recorded in your book.

I admit I am a task-oriented person, and I live on my calendar.  Whether it is work, family obligations, volunteer schedules, birthdays and anniversaries, appointments or reminders, it is all in my Google calendar.  It is synced to my computer, tablet and phone.  I can share it with others if I need, and invite others via my calendar.  I can access it anywhere, any time.  If it’s not on my calendar it doesn’t usually happen, even if it is something I do every week.

I also only put things in my calendar that are important.  I mean I love my extended family, but unless it is something I am going to be at, I don’t put their events in my calendar.  It is filled with things that I am responsible for in some manner.  When I was in private practice I would put the initials of the person I was seeing in my book.  When I have an appointment it will say something like – Mom – and the particular place I am going.  If I have never been there, it will have an address.  If I know I am unavailable for a block of time, it’s on my calendar as such.

I have been mediating on Psalms 139 for a little over a week.  As I read this scripture, I got a picture of God’s calendar.  I realized that His calendar is filled with my events.  His calendar has my name on it, not just for a brief appointment, like I sometimes give Him.  He has every day recorded in His book.  calendar-532226_1280It seems incredible that the God of the universe has me on His calendar.  He really wants to know me.

God has things that He wants me to accomplish.  Some He has put in blocks of time.  For example, I only have one opportunity to raise my children.  I can continue to influence them for a lifetime, but raising them was a block of time.  Or I may have a brief encounter with a specific person, for a specific purpose.

Some of my appointments have an end.  As much as I love serving, there are seasons of service.  They are scheduled on His calendar to start and stop.  When I chose to let my time run over, it is not on His calendar for me to do.  It is on me, and it is in and of myself I am doing it.  That was a hard lesson to learn, but a necessary one.

Other items, He has put on His calendar and He is waiting for me.  Some of those items I have dismissed, and days, weeks, or months down the road they will continue to pop up as overdue items that I was to do.  Other’s God has had to push a snooze button on because I am not in a place to be able to carry those plans out in my life.  God has plans for my life.  He is just waiting for me to abide with Him so that I can discover them and walk them out.

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