Daily Walk

Today as I was walking at dawn, my shadow caught my attention. After rounding a corner, several lights on the street and houses created shadows around me.  Initially I saw three shadows, which is what caused me to start paying attention.  As I walked at times I would see two shadows, or one shadow.  For a stent where there was no shadow at all.

As I walked I thought about how this is reflects my walk with God.   There are a lot of scriptures about hiding in the shadow of the Almighty. Today I got a visual of it.wpid-wp-1441165291392.jpeg

There are times when I am so focused on doing things my own way and on appeasing the opinions of others.  I may be on the right path that He has for me, but my focus is divided.  There are three distinct shadows that I am hiding in, His, mine, and others.  God didn’t call me to live in the shadow divided, He called me to hide in his shadow.

There are other times that even if I’m on the right path, I lean more to my own understanding.  I see His shadow, but my own shadow is also there as I try to do the things He has called me to do in my own personal power.  I am on the right path, but my focus is what I can do, not what He can do through me.

Then there are times when there is no shadow of the Almighty because I am just doing my own thing.  I am on my own journey, my own path, doing things my own way and there is no shadow for me to hide it.  I am on my own.

But God calls us to walk in the shadow of His wings.  There are times that I am resting completely in Him.  Allowing Him to work through me, completely surrendered to the path and process.  Those are times that I am completely walking in Him, there is one shadow, but it is His.  That is where God wants me to abide.

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