rostock-201227_1280Last Wednesday in praise and worship I had a vision of a fenced corner of a plowed piece of land with small seedlings. I could only see a small portion of the land and a small number of plants.  They were cute and green, but small.  I kept straining to see more, pressing God to reveal what it meant.  The only other thing I was able to see was one plant rapidly growing.

As the night ended, I realized that many seeds have been planted.  Some I know about, others I do not.  But the seeds were planted on good ground.  They took root.

There were no weeds in my vision, although I know there have been plenty of weeds in my life.  There is life in me, and what God wants to do will come quickly when the time is right.

I also realized that it is a picture of the church.  We have been through a difficult time over the past three months, and longer.  But there are seeds that remained and were planted in good ground.  We can’t see all that God is going to do through this situation, but there is growth.  God will bring the harvest.

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