Leave Me Alone God

wpid-wp-1438042356832.jpegThis verse jumped out at me as I read through Mark 5 this week.  I have been seeking more of God’s presence, and here were crowds of people pleading with him to go away and leave them alone.  It is easy to have a sense of righteous indignation when you can’t possibly be in that situation.  I immediately thought “How could they?”
God quickly reminded me of times in my own life, where I also wanted Him to leave me alone.
  • Times when I was choosing to watch something that He had already showed me was inappropriate.
  • Times when I chose to have a drink, even after I had decided to set that down for Him years before.
  • Times when I spoke words out of anger, hurt, or just bad attitude.
  • Times when I pushed an argument with someone I love, just because I needed to be right.
  • Times when I wanted to stay in my own self-pity so I hung on longer than I should have to negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Times when He woke me up early to spend time with Him,  and I went back to sleep.
  • Times when He would prompt me to say something to someone, do something, or go somewhere and I ignored it.
  • Times when He convicted me of something, and I did it anyway.

I realize we all have our times.  This list could go on forever, with specifics. I am so thankful that even when we chose to ask God to go away, He still is there when we cry back out to Him.  He promises us, He will never leave us or forsake us.  He is waiting for us to make that promise to Him.

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