Faith and Football

February 1, 2015 , we celebrated Jersey Sunday, aka Super Bowl Sunday.  Everyone was invited to wear their favorite jersey.  I am not a die-hard football fan, so I don’t have “a team” and I was headed to work, so a jersey really would not have been appropriate.  It was cool to see people representing their different teams.  Some I recognized, others I didn’t.  One of the pastors reminded us all that we are all playing on the same team, and God is our captain.

american-football-220047_1280God spoke to me that only on His team can He play offense and defense at the same time.  In the rules of football, the team with the ball is offense, and the team without the ball is defense.  While there might be defensive moves made by the offense to protect the ball, they are still the offense.

But on God’s team, He is on defense.  We are called to be also.  Our goal is to stop the enemy team from reaching its goal.  We are called to violently attack the gates of hell.  We are to take every opportunity to bind the enemy, to stop him in his tracks.

But God is also on the offensive team at the same time.   He is trying to help us get to the goal which He has called us too.  He is working to get everyone to the goal, to be saved and have a deep personal relationship with Him.

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