Over the past twelve months I have been on what I thought was a focused journey.  This week I was listening to a sermon and the preacher asked his congregation how many  had parts of their testimony they don’t share.  It immediately resonated, because although I have shared a lot of my testimony, there are parts that I have not shared or do not share regularly.

I have used the excuse that it is not my story to tell.  Often times in my life, I have been greatly impacted by situations that did not involve me directly.  For example abuse in my family.  I was not a victim of the abuse or the perpetrator, but as a child those events shaped a lot of my life.  Or as I got older, the illegal drugs, events impacted my life.  The death of my two best friends, I wasn’t there but each of their lives and deaths dramatically impacted my life.  I have been asked to share those stories, and at times I have shared parts in a small setting as I felt that the journey that I took and how those situations impacted mine could certainly help someone else who was in a similar situation.

But as I listened to that preacher, I was reminded that I do not always know what journey people are on, and that sometimes I have to step out of the comfortable and share to help others.  I have to be willing to share the journey because it is freeing for me, and it is helpful for others.

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