Care {#Write31Days}

Titus 3:14 (NLT) Our people must learn to do good by meeting the urgent needs of others; then they will not be unproductive.

 In our world, we like to pretend that we care. We tote the causes we support, attend fundraisers and sometimes even volunteer.  But do we care enough to sacrifice?

It is easy to write a check, to give money or in-kind goods to a cause. It is easy to be moved by the powerful testimony of a life transformed by a particular program. But do we care enough to get to know those who are in the front lines helping?  Do we take time to connect with those who are being helped?  Money is earned, so you can always earn more to replace what is donated.  Time however is given, and can never be taken back. 

 It is great to go to events and socialize with friends and meet new people to support a good cause.  It’s great to have entertainment our hear a moving story, but do you care enough to share that cause with someone not there?  Do you care enough to be moved beyond that event to really get involved and make a difference?  Do you care enough to follow-up after for more than a tax receipt?

Do you care enough to volunteer?  Not just for the position, but for the need.  A lot of people want to volunteer for the board position that gains them recognition, or the one time event that they can say “I volunteer there” but aren’t willing to get to know the true needs of the cause. Realize that the needs change, even in long standing organizations. Do you care enough to really understand the why’s and how’s behind the who’s and dos?

 I’m not suggesting people over commit. There are causes that you write a check to cause it’s a friend cause or an immediate need that you can meet. But everyone has some time that they can give to really get connected too. It should be something you care about that makes you want to get involved.  Make and take the time to do it.  

I live in a wonderful community. We have a lot of great causes, with wonderful, compassionate people who truly care about the people they help.  They sacrifice more than most people realize because they care.  

 I don’t personally believe that organizations were called to provide thus care. The church was called by God to care and meet needs. However, I do believe that since these organizations exist, the Church should develop personal relationships and come along side these organizations.  The organizations know the need, the who, the why, and the how and the Church should become the do. We are called to care, and to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Take time to care.  Your sacrifice will change someone’s life and you will be surprised that usually that life is yours.


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