Adjust {#Write31Days}

It planning-620299_1280seems that I am always having to adjust things in my life.  It is so easy to get out of balance. Just when I get one area set, another area creeps out of balance. So how do we get the right perspective on what to adjust and when should we adjust.
Quickly take an inventory of the top five things that are important to you. Be specific.  I find these are usually the areas that we need the most adjustment.  You can make this list as long as you want, but be realistic.
For  example:
1) God
2) spouse
3) my children
4) my extended family
5) service to others – women, children, military, church
 Second list where you spend the majority of your:
 1) time.  Again be specific, either in hours or time frames.  You might need to look at your calendar, or write down your activities for a week. Whatever you need to see where you are spending your time.  Does where you spend your time reflect what is important to you?
 2) money.  Again be specific, either in dollar amounts our percentages. Online banking and programs like Quicken make this easy.  Look at where you spend your money. Does where you spend your, money, and what you spend your money on reflect what is important?
If your list of where you spend your time doesn’t match your priorities, you need to adjust. If you find you spend money on things that don’t strengthen and support your top properties, you need to adjust.
Third, look at your attitude.  Another area where we usually need to adjust is our attitude.  Sometimes, or maybe it’s just me, my attitude it’s the hardest thing for me to realize I need to make an adjustment.  It helps to have a strong friend or family member that can give honest feedback, speaking the truth in love  when your attitude is out of line.
 One other thing to remember when making adjustments, don’t beat yourself up. If you need to apologize, do it. Then just start working towards adjusting your priorities.

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