Rest {#Write31Days}

In our society, rest has become something that is gained in hour-long massages and not a daily practice.  This has led to increased stress and related illnesses.  God designed us to rest, we were made in His image and He rested on the 7th day.

wpid-wp-1437096439372.jpegI admit that I for the past fifteen years I have not rested.  I was on call 24/7 and not just to my family.  I knew to come to God.  I could tell, as could everyone around me, if I had missed a church service and not had daily time with Him.  

I knew I had to come to Him, because He was the only one that I could share my burdens as a child welfare worker and then as a therapist. The burdens were much to heavy for me to carry.  I knew I could bring them to Him.  I came to him frequently, and I saw the impact it made in my life and the lives of those I worked with, because when I came, I brought them to Him in prayer and often desperation.

What I didn’t know was that I was weary.  Other people saw that, but I couldn’t.  It took some young ladies that I ministered to, to show me that.  When circumstances stopped me in my tracks and rest was the one thing that was certain, they would comment on how I didn’t seem so wore out.  I was happier.  I thought my mask hid that, I was wrong.

In that time, I learned that I can give everything to God.  Not just the things I didn’t think I could handle.  Anything that was a burden, He will take.  He designed me to sleep and rest, and He loves when I do it in Him instead of out of complete exhaustion.  If rest was good enough for God, I should take advantage of it too!


About Jackie S

I have been through a lot in life, but through Christ I am more than an overcomer. I am not perfect, I will never claim to be. Praise God I am forgiven though. I am rather opinionated. I see most things in black and white and believe honesty is always the best policy. This combination sometimes comes off harsh. The truth is I love people. I truly love helping others and try to believe the best about others. It is easy to find faults, but focusing on strengths is more my style, but I also shoot it straight. If it sounds harsh, know my heart is for something better for you.
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