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A lifetime of learning leads to success.

I love reading the old testament stories, because I have so much to learn from them.  Their walk of faith inspires, they were holding on to something to come.  They had a thousand-year old promise, or more to build upon.  Not a resurrected Savior, but a promise of a coming Savior. Yet they stood in faith, never seeing the greatest promise given fulfilled.  I need this type of faith in my life.  I need to learn faith from the Old Testament saints.

 Their testimony in trials encourages me because I can see the other side of their journey.  The Israelites walked around a wilderness for forty years.  Joshua and Caleb walked through the wilderness and battled for the Promise Land.  David faced giants. Daniel faced lions. Joseph sat in prison.  Noah built a boat when it had never rained.  Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son.  So many today give up with little trials, but the old testament saints held on and were faithful.  I need to learn to walk through trials and maintain a God centered attitude like the saints of old.

Their shortcomings and failure I can relate to daily.  Noah was a drunk.  Moses was a murder. Aaron succumbed to peer pressure and worshipped idols.David committed adultery. Sampson was naive and a let his lust rule his life.  Jonah lacked compassion.  Despite these failures, God used them in mighty ways.  I need to learn, that despite my failures God can use me.

 Learning to hold tight to my faith despite what circumstance say, will help me grow closer to God.  Learning to be faithful and content during trials, will help me get through them better. Learning that God can use me despite my failures, will help God to do great things in and through me. As I learn these things, I will really understand that with God all things are possible.


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