To have an to hold……. till death do us part

I have been married for fifteen years, while it hasn’t always been perfect, and we haven’t always got it right, I have to say that the place where I feel most safe physically is when I am being held by my husband.  Whether it is a big bear hug, or a snuggle on the couch, or that gentle intimate hold, the world feels whole when I held.  Safety and security is in the hold.

Waiting on hold…..

The times that I have felt most frustrated is when I am on hold, waiting with elevator music, or worse yet the recorded message that repeats every few minutes “Your call is important….”  Being on hold can be such a waste of time, even though for those times I actually have to hold, the end result of the call is something that is required.  Answers are usually found in the hold.

Life on hold

There are times in my life where I have felt like everything was on hold.  Waiting for things to go the way I think they need to, waiting for responses, waiting on my children, waiting on my husband, and waiting on God.  Those times that I feel like the world is going past me, that my life is on hold, I am tested.  Patience is found in the hold.

This post is part of Lisa-Jo Baker‘s Five-Minute Friday, where we gather together to write for five minutes, unedited, on a given prompt for the week.  This week’s prompt was Hold.

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