Precious Gifts

I am sitting at the hospital, waiting for the precious gift God lent me, to give birth to her own precious gift.  It has been a long journey, but God is giving her the desire of her heart.  Laurin had longed to be a mommy for such a long time.  She sufficed with babysitting.  Then in 2011 she was blessed with an angel baby, Holden whom she will not meet this side of heaven.  Then in July, God blessed her with a child from another mother, Jordon. Today, in just a few short hours she will be able to hold her daughter Kambree, given her precious gift and desire of her heart.

It is amazing the range of emotions I have seen her go through.  Today is Saturday, and she has been in the hospital since Thursday at 5 pm.  She has laughed, cried, experienced frustration, joy, love, appreciation, gratitude, fear, and pain.  Those along side her, walking through some of those same emotions.

I admit, I am scared for my baby girl.  To know the pain of childbirth, even if it is buffered by an epidural.  To experience love and joy that comes from setting a dream fulfilled.    I am sad to see her growing up, this is that final thing, my baby girl will have her own baby girl.  And then to know this precious gift that once again God has given me to share.  My heart is welling with feelings.

It is now after 11 pm.  My emotions are just starting to settle.  Watching my granddaughter come into this 551351_10151430997763088_1478557000_nworld was one of the greatest gifts that I have ever received.  It feels so surreal to think I am a grandma.  To hold little Kambree, to touch her big cheeks, kiss her little forehead and stare into her eyes.  She is just so precious.

Kambree Adalynn  was born at 2:20 am on February 16, 2013.    She weighed 8 pound .09 ounces.  She is 20.5 inches long.  She is amazing!

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