It is interesting to read old testament passages with the knowledge of what will happen. I was thinking, don’t they get it?

People asked for road-sign-464659_1280signs – and yet as big and bold as they would come it was not enough.

Jeremiah spoke boldly about what would come. For the fact that he could have been killed just for speaking out.  One would think that would be sign enough.

When things started to take place as he had prophesied that should have been a sign.  Yet again, it was not heeded.

When others put themselves in danger to try to protect Jeremiah or advocate for what he was saying.  That should have been a sign.

But they were all ignored.

As I passed judgement on the old testament people for not heeding God’s warning, I realized that it is easy for me to see because I know what happens. However, am I just a quick to read the signs that are before me today?

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