Lessons from I Kings 19

I admit lately I have been feeling discouraged and depressed. I have so related to how Elijah felt after his life was threatened by the queen following the victory God gave him over the prophets of Baal.

I was reading over this passage,  ibible-20487_1280n I Kings 19 and thought God what can I learn from how he handled this depressing time in his life. Here is what was revealed to me:

1) Seek God first – Elijah didn’t do this instead he ran in fear

2) Don’t fear the threats of the enemy (If God be for us, who can be against us!!!)

3) When you feel completely drained, God can give you substance

4) When God gives you substance it will sustain you and strengthen you for whatever lies ahead

5) God doesn’t want to hear our excuses, or us blaming others, or our pity party (for that fact I am sure neither do others)

6) Sometimes God will blow things away, shake our very foundation, and burn things up just to get our attention

7) God will speak to our situation if we will get quiet and still enough to hear Him

8) When we run, God will eventually send us back to what we ran from

9) God always has others that will come along beside us if we will take time to heed His direction

10) No matter how bad things seem, how alone we may feel, we are never alone.

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