If He be lifted up

I was thinking about a conversation I had the other day with a person from another church. While I am sure her intention was to draw me to visit the church, I left only hoping my interpretation of what she was saying was wrong.  I believe that church is supposed to be a fun place. Worshiping God, great messages, fellowship – it is fun. I also believe its okay for church congregations to do other fun activities that have nothing to do with God.

However, those fun activities should be in addition too, not in place of. I understand the desire to reach more people, but if you are reaching them through fun and games – when those pass they typically don’t stay around. Christ did not say if you build a basketball court, have game nights every week, spend lots of money on special occasions – you will draw people to me. He said “If I be lifted up I will draw all men to Me.”

Cloud 1 (6)Our primary purpose as the Church is to draw people to Christ – being his hands and feet. He loved people. He fed people. He healed people. His mere presence had people shouting and gathering. We should be so full of love and joy, and so willing to meet the tangible needs of people who the lost flock to the Church because they know the Church has the answer.

I am sure Jesus was fun to be around even when he wasn’t preaching and teaching. He didn’t have to come up with some gimmick to hold people’s attention. People wanted to hear what he had to say. They wanted to be in his presence. Not just believers, but the lost too.

It is time that the Church stop trying to draw in the numbers and focus on lifting God up. I know that if we focus our attention on Him, people will be drawn by Him, to His Body, the Church. Numbers will increase not just momentarily but will multiple as others begin drawing to Him also. There will be plenty of time for fun and fellowship and other activities that flow out of the deep hunger for God and wanting to be in the presence of like-minded people.

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