Hunger and Thirst

Matthew 5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

Cloud 1 (1)I have been trying to lose weight recently. One thing I am working on is trying to recognize true hunger. So many times people confuse thirst for hunger, therefore overeating trying to meet a need that is not there.

I thought about how this correlates with a thirst and hunger for righteousness. So many times as people search to fulfill the emptiness in their life that is a God size hole.  They attempt to fill it with the wrong things. Drugs, alcohol, sex, food, relationships, are just a few of the things people try to fill their lives with that leave them feeling overindulged, but empty.

Even as we find that God can feel that hole, we try to add other things into the mix, instead of allowing Him to fill us and be out sole source. It seems to easy that God could meet every need. It also goes against our independent nature to think that One can fill it all.

But the Word promises those who thirst and hunger after righteousness will be filled.

About Jackie S

I have been through a lot in life, but through Christ I am more than an overcomer. I am not perfect, I will never claim to be. Praise God I am forgiven though. I am rather opinionated. I see most things in black and white and believe honesty is always the best policy. This combination sometimes comes off harsh. The truth is I love people. I truly love helping others and try to believe the best about others. It is easy to find faults, but focusing on strengths is more my style, but I also shoot it straight. If it sounds harsh, know my heart is for something better for you.
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